Where There Is No Artist

ITDG Publishing Advance Information

This new edition of my bestselling book ‘Where there is no Artist’ was published in 2007. It contains more than 1200 drawings plus two CD’s with all the images. These drawings relate to a wide range of educational and health issues.

The book also contains information on a number of different kinds if visual aids and how to use them. It gives advice on copying, adapting images, pre-testing and more. Click here to see some sample pages.

All the images can be used copyright free if they are used for non- profit making publications. If you would like to order a copy of the book, please click here.

Water and Sanitation

Below are some endorsements for the book:

As someone who has used Petra’s drawings to stimulate discussion or make educational manuals come alive over the last 30 years, I’m so happy to see the new version of “Where There Is No Artist”. Her pictures always work as discussion starters – the humour and Petra’s passionate interest in the issues gives a real spark to any discussion. And her pictures turn training manuals into something lively and fun – people pick up a Petra illustrated manual and they don’t put it down quickly! And I’ve seen Petra’s pictures inspire other artists all over the world – Botswana, East Timor, Ghana, India, and Vietnam. Her talent in working with artists to help them develop similar skills is captured in this manual. It is an amazing resource for anyone working in the participatory education field and I look forward to sending copies to many friends.
Ross Kidd, Consultant, Participatory Education and Evaluation Research

Group Discussions

Facilitating a workshop with community members using this book is a wonderful experience. Participants discover that they can produce their own visual materials exactly tailored to their situations and can continue to do so with their communities as their learning and activities develop. This is so different from dependency on ‘IEC materials’ designed and printed in the capital or outside the country on a one-off basis, which rarely meet local needs. The updated ‘Where there is no artist’ is even better than the original, with more pictures, a CD and examples of visual aids done by workshop participants.
Gill Gordon, Senior Programme Officer: Prevention, International HIV/AIDS Alliance


Petra’s drawings appear so simple, yet they are all carefully designed to convey a huge range of feelings, thoughts and actions. This collection will enable others to harness and build on her wonderful skills, to create their own images, uniquely relevant to their own context. A must-have part of any community worker’s tool-kit.
Alice Wellbourn, Chair, UK Board of Trustees, International Community of Women living with HIV/AIDS

The world’s best illustrator for development has created, in this collection of drawings, an unparallelled resource for anyone who needs to communicate about health, development and social issues. Every field worker, IEC officer and NGO should have a copy.
Bob Linney, Health Images

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