I started doing my first sculptures in 2010. My figures are like my paintings inspired by my time in Africa. The sculptures and ceramics are made from clay, sometimes combined with other materials I have collected over the years, mainly from Africa. I experiment with different firing techniques like RAKU and smoke-firing.  Most of my sculptures are between 20 and 50 cm high.

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2 thoughts on “Sculptures

  1. Dear Petra, you probably will not remenber me. My name is Anneke de Boer. Bart, my husband and I stayed with you when you were pregnant with your son Patrick. I have a couple of etchings from you. I like to say that I think your work is absolutely beautiful. I would love to see it in real life. Greetings from Bart and me.


    1. Dear Anneke,
      How amazing! This goes back a really long time. I am sorry but I do not remember you but I remember Bart very well if he is the Bart who was Wimjan’s good friend. Patric, who is now 53, was just here a few minutes ago, actually only at the doorstep because of the lockdown. He is a senior partner in a law firm now, he is married with two teenage children. Thank you for the compliment regarding my work. You are very welcome to come to my studio (or even stay in our house when life is back to normal) if you and Bart ever come to Birmingham. I am also writing a book about my life. Talking to Bart about Wimjan would be very useful and interesting for me. Stay well and healthy, greetings to you and Bart.


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