Clay&Bits sculptures


For as long as I can remember, I have collected all sorts of interesting bits from around the world-feathers, shells, stones, rusty metal, old tools and much more. Ten years ago, I fell in love with clay. For many of my sculptures, a starting point is an object from my vast collection. I love to find a way to incorporate these found ‘bits’ with clay. I aim to use an existing piece and give it a new identity, using as little extra material as possible. Inspiration also comes from the ancient Japanese Kintsugi golden mending technique and the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, creating beauty out of imperfection. There is no theme in my Clay&Bits sculptures. Each object dictates what its new life is going to be. Sometimes it is humorous, like the titles show, sometimes not, but I always enjoy bringing together an object with my imagination to create an entirely new piece. An ‘s’ at the end of the title indicates that the sculpture has been sold.

One thought on “Clay&Bits sculptures

  1. Hi Petra

    Thanks very much for the information. I have got the Sutton Trail in the
    diary! I hope that we’ll be able to meet up soon, either here or at your
    house. When it’s a bit sunnier we could have another walk.

    We’re well, though Peter and family and Tom and family have all had
    covid recently so we haven’t seen anything of them for the last two
    weeks. I think that the children brought it home, although they didn’t
    suffer much, just the parents!

    Hui is working hard but will have a sabbatical starting in Jan so that
    will give her a bit more flexibility. We might get the chance to go to
    China, perhaps.

    Mike and I are still having lessons with Luc and they are very helpful.
    Our progress is slow, but as long as it’s progress, that’s ok.

    I hope that your eye is improving and that John’s knees are now as
    bouncy as they were in the past!

    Hope to meet up soon.

    Much love

    Paul xxx


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